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Kate McNamee-Clark - RN, MSN, CHPCN (C)

Kate McNamee 212Currently Kate is working as part of a Palliative Outreach and Consult Team (POCT) at St Paul’s hospital, Providence Health Care. The focus of her recent graduate research is the utility of a ‘goals of care companion card’ to support clinicians to have meaningful conversations with individuals and families living with life limiting illnesses. She has worked in palliative care clinical practice at both acute and long term care settings since 2005. Her specific areas of interest are palliative care for homeless or at risk adults. In her professional life Kate strives to normalize talking to patients about living with life limiting illnesses and meeting individuals goals for a peaceful, dignified death. Kate obtained her basic nursing education in Liverpool, England in 1989, BSN and MSN at UBC in 2002 and 2013, respectively, and original CHPCN certification in 2006.

Institutional affiliations
  • Providence Health Care - Palliative Outreach & Consult Team
  • University of British Columbia - School of Nursing, MSN

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