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Development of a palliative approach in nursing practice course: Our journey

Presenter:  Pat Porterfield and Treena Cardiff
Date:  November 27, 2015 
Time 2:00 - 3:00 pm PST
Location:  Online Webinar hosted through InspireNet
Type of Event:  Online Webinar

Our presentation will cover the story of developing a Palliative Approach to Nursing Practice course. The challenges of developing a course specific to nursing that incorporates a palliative approach to care for generalists, not specialists in palliative care, will be addressed, as well as the partnership and collaboration between BCIT and iPANEL. An overview of this new and exciting Palliative Approach to Nursing Practice course will also be presented. This presentation will be of interest to anyone attempting to integrate a palliative approach into care across the lifespan wherever you work in the health care system.

Treena Cardiff is the Program Head of the Neonatal Specialty Nursing Program at BCIT. Through her many years of working and teaching within the neonatal field I have noticed that the concept of palliative care is often missing. She has a keen interest in learning how the palliative approach to care can be implemented within acute care settings. She was thrilled to partner with iPANEL in developing a Palliative Approach to Nursing Practice Course that is offered through BCIT.

Pat Porterfield has been involved in palliative care as a clinician, educator and researcher for the past 30 years. She recently retired from her position in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority where she was the Regional Leader for Palliative Care since 2006. Examples of past work include: leading initiatives to extend a palliative approach into primary care and to persons with non-cancer diagnoses, an acute care review of the population requiring a palliative approach within VCH hospitals, education within residential care to improve end-of-life care, and participation in the development of the GPSC Practice Support Program (PSP) End-of-Life Module which integrates a palliative approach into general practice. She has also been involved in the development of advance care planning within Vancouver Coastal Health. These experiences have served to broaden her understanding of the benefits and challenges of integrating a palliative approach to systems of care.

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