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The iPANEL team is committed to dissemination of findings as well as engagement in numerous and varied ways that will reach as many people as possible.  Methods will include presentations, publications, webinars, newsletters, posters, cafés, workshops as well as collaborations with policy makers, decision makers, health system planners, academics, and media personnel.  Research is meant to change practice at all levels of the health care system, including direct client care, practitioner basic and continuing education, health policy development, health care management and leadership.

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When cancer hits the streets

 K Stajduhar, A Mollison, D Greave, SW Hwang. Current Oncology. 24(3), June 2017: 149-150. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3747/co.24.3698.

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Person-centred care dialectics—Inquired in the context of palliative care

 J Öhlén, S Reimer-Kirkham, B Astle, C Håkanson, J Lee, M Eriksson, R Sawatzky. Nursing Philosophy.  E-Published early online. 12 May 2017. doi:10.1111/nup.12177.

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Failure to engage hospitalized elderly patients and their families in advance care planning

Heyland, Darren; Barwich, Doris; Pichora, Deb; Dodek, Peter; Lamontagne, Francois; You, John; Tayler, Carolyn; Porterfield, Pat; Sinuff, Tasnim; Simon, Jessica. 2013. JAMA Internal Medicine. Volume 173, Issue 9, pages 1-10. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.180

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Stories of chronic kidney disease: Listening for the unsayable

Schick Makaroff, Kara; Shields, Laurene; Molzahn, Anita. Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN). December 2013. Volume 69, Issue 12, pages 2644-2653. doi: 10.1111/jan.12149

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Death is a social justice issue: Perspectives on equity-informed palliative care

Reimer-Kirkham, S., Stajduhar, K., Pauly, B., Giesbrecht, M., Mollison, A., McNeil, Ryan, & Wallace, B. (2016) Advances in Nursing Science. doi: 10.1097/ANS.0000000000000146

Unravelling the tensions between chronic disease management and end-of-life planning

Thorne, S., Roberts, D., & Sawatzky, R. (2016). Research and Theory for Nursing Practice. Volume 30 Issue 2, 91-103. doi: 10.1891/1541-6577.30.2.91

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Team-based education in a palliative approach for rural nurses and unlicensed care providers

Potter, G., Pesut, B., Hooper, B. P., & Erbacker, L. (2015). The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing. Volume 46 Issue 6, 297-288. doi: 10.3928/00220124-20150518-04

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Improving Palliative and End-of-Life Care in British Columbia: Cost Effective Strategic Innovations for a Sustainable Health Care System

On April 15, 2015, Kelli Stajduhar, iPANEL academic lead investigator, and Pat Coward, chair of the iPANEL advisory board, presented the Dying to Care report to the Select Standing Committee on Health in the BC legislature. This was an excellent opportunity to communicate with provincial MLAs about a palliative approach to care for people with chronic, advancing, life-limiting illness. Click HERE to download the full iPANEL submission (5MB PDF). The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia website has both TEXT and AUDIO files of the presentation.

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Dying to Care: How can we provide sustainable quality care to persons living with advanced life limiting illness in British Columbia?

The iPANEL advisory board has released a report containing key recommendations for action: Dying to care: How can we provide sustainable quality care to persons living with advanced life limiting illness in British Columbia.

These recommendations were presented to the BC Ministry of Health on June 27, 2014. Deepest thanks go out to everyone who dedicated their time to putting this important document together, including researchers, clinicians and advisory board members. Well done, everyone!

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Integration of a Palliative Approach in Home, Acute Medical, and Residential Care Settings: Findings from a Province-Wide Survey

iPANEL investigators have conducted a mixed-methods province-wide survey of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and health care workers in three settings: acute medical units, residential care facilities and home care settings. The results of this survey provides descriptive information relevant to implementing a palliative approach to better serve the needs of people with advancing chronic life-limiting conditions.

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Palliative approach education for rural nurses and health-care workers: A mixed-method study

Pesut, B., Potter, G., Stajduhar, K.I., Sawatzky, R., McLeod, B., & Drabot, K. International Journal of Palliative Nursing. Volume 21 Issue 3, 142-151. doi: 10.12968/ijpn.2015.21.3.142

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Taking an “upstream” approach in the care of dying cancer patients: The case for a palliative approach

Stajduhar, K.I., & Tayler, C. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal. 2014, Vol. 24 Issue 3, 144-153. doi: 10.5737/1181912x243149153

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Integrating a palliative approach in a transcatheter heart valve program: Bridging innovations in the management of severe aortic stenosis and best end-of-life practice

Lauck, Sandra; Garland, Ella; Achtem, Leslie; Forman, Jacqueline; Boone, Robert; Cheung, Anson; Ye, Jian; Wood, David A; Webb, John G. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2014; Volume 13, Issue 2. 177-184.

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End-of-Life Care and Interprofessional Communication: Not Simply a Matter of "More"

Hartwick-Doane, G., Stajduhar, K., Causton, E., Bidgood, D., Cox, Amy.  Health and Interprofessional Practice.   2012, Vol. 1 Issue 3, eP1028.

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Report on iPANEL Education Symposium

Pesut, Barbara. iPANEL Report. Published Online April 9, 2013.

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Exposing barriers to end-of-life communication in heart failure: An integrative review

Garland, E. L., Bruce, A., & Stajduhar, K. Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2013, 23(1), pages 12-18.

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A palliative approach to care of residents with Dementia

Roberts, Della; Gaspard, Gina. Nursing Older People. Mar 2013, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p32-36.

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Perceptions regarding death and dying of individuals with chronic kidney disease

Molzahn, A., Sheilds, L., Bruce, A., Stajduhar, K.I.,  Schick Makaroff, K., Beuthin, R.,  Shermak, S.  Nephrology Nursing Journal.  2012.  39(3), pages 197-204.

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Rural Nursing and Quality End of Life Care. Palliative Care...Palliative Approach... or Somewhere In-between?

Barbara Pesut, Barbara McLeod, Rachelle Hole, Miranda Dalhuisen.  Advances in Nursing Science.  2012 Vol. 35 No. 4, pages 288-304.

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Chronic Illness, Palliative Care, and the Problematic Nature of Dying

Kelli Stajduhar.  Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.  2011 Vol. 43 No. 3, pages 7-15.

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Home care nurses’ decisions about the need for and amount of service at the end of life

Kelli Stajduhar, Laura Funk, Della Roberts, Barbara McLeod, Denise Cloutier Fisher, Carolyn Wilkinson, Mary Ellen Purkis.  Journal of Advanced Nursing.  2011 Vol. 67 No. 2, 276-286

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