iPANEL Co-investigator Dr. Betty Davies retires from UVic


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Everyone here at iPANEL wishes you a happy retirement Betty, as you come to the end of your time as Senior Scholar in the School of Nursing at the University of Victoria - you will be greatly missed.  May this next chapter in your life bring you more joy and (hopefully) less work! (in photo from left to right; Dr. Anne Bruce, Dr. Betty Davies, Dr. Kelli Stajduhar

iPANEL Thinking Outside the Box Meeting - hosted by VIHA on May 7, 2013


A big THANK YOU to all the nurses and other health care professionals who attended our meeting on May 7, 2013.  Special thanks to iPANEL Affiliates:  Lorna Ross, Dawn Dompierre, and Carolyn Wilkinson for all your help with planning this event.  The discussion and feedback by the participants was outstanding.  It is always a privilege as a research team to share our findings with nurses who are working on the front lines. Here are what some participants had to say:

IMG 0711"I enjoyed the group discussion and found support from colleagues about things I have experienced  - there were some people around the table with wonderful ideas. "

"Workshops like this one really demonstrate how research can directly affect practice"

"Very comfortable and open atmosphere for meaningful discussions"

The purpose of these meetings is to engage front line nurses in discussions around iPANEL research findings and how these can be integrated into their nursing practice.  These are interactive sessions with the engagement of iPANEL Co-investigators and Health Authority Affiliates. 

Look for upcoming information around our next hosted "Thinking outside the box meeting" in Northern Health - October 17, 2013 from 1-4pm.


iPANEL Graduate Student, Sherin Jamal, granted CIHR Doctoral Award


Congratulations Sherin on your CIHR doctoral award (Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships).  Sherin's doctoral project is entitled, "Access to Residential and End-of-Life Care: Exploring South Asian Older Adults' and Family Caregivers' Perspectives".  This is such exciting news!!  iPANEL looks forward to a continuing collaboration with Sherin - who is currently one of our iPANEL graduate students. To view other CIHR doctoral award/scholarship winners follow this LINK.

New End-of-Life Action Plan Announced by the BC Ministry of Health


With their slogan "Families First" the BC Ministry of Health has just announced in March that there will be millions of dollars funnelled into BC's end-of-life care health services. While this naturally includes a large contribution to hospice funding - it was encouraging to see a boost in funds towards other end-of-life care as well.

A Provincial Centre for Excellence in End-of-Life Care is to be established in the lower mainland. iPANEL Co-Lead Investigator and Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at the Unversity of Victoria, Kelli Stajduhar, is expected to take a key role in the development of this centre. The centre will focus on accelerating innovation and best practice in quality care for people with life-limiting illnesses. Using research, education, information management, policy and clinical care - the knowledge and tools generated will be shared with health-care professionals and anyone who is interested throughout British Columbia, Canada and worldwide.

For a copy of the new BC End-of-Life Action Plan click HERE. If you would like more information about this BC Ministry of Health Announcement follow this LINK.

Liverpool Care Pathway now being phased out in the UK ...what went wrong?


The Liverpool Care Pathway - a model of care which was meant to extend hospice-type care to hospitals - is now being "phased out" in the UK due to erroneous misuse of the regime.  Recently a government-commissioned review, headed by Lady Neuberger, was completed and the results uncovered have led to the abolishment of this pathway in the UK.  It is important to note that the review also showed that the pathway itself was not necessarily to blame.  Poor training, sometimes a lack of compassion on the part of nursing staff, and life and death decision making on the part of junior doctors beyond their competence after hours and on weekends, were all seen as contributing factors.  The review recommended individualized end-of-life care plans be drawn up for every patient nearing the imminent end-of-life stage.

Sadly, the intent of the Liverpool Care Pathway was to decrease the amount of chaos and unrest at the time of death, a much needed innovation in health care across developed countries with our ever-increasing ageing population.

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