Liverpool Care Pathway - Update


As many of you know The Liverpool Care Pathway - a model of care which was meant to extend hospice-type care to hospitals - is being "phased out" in the UK after the results of a government-commissioned review, "More Care Less Pathway".  

After this decision was made, a Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying (LACDP), was formed under the chairmanship of Dr. Bee Wee, the National Clinical Director of End of Life Care at NHS England.  They were tasked with the following:

  • support everyone involved in the care of people who are dying to respond to the findings of the review;
  • be the focal point for the system’s response to the findings and recommendations of the LCP review;
  • provide guidance on what needs to occur in place of the LCP;
  • consider how best health and social sector can address the recommendations in the review about the accountability and responsibility of individual clinicians, out of hours decisions, nutrition and hydration and communication with the patient and their relatives or carers: and
  • map existing guidance, training and development, as a prelude to considering how these impact on the care of dying people and the circumstantial factors that might affect the adoption of good practice

The alliance is working on a system-wide written response to the Neuberger review “More Care Less Pathway” –and is currently seeking feedback from patients, families, carers, and professionals in the UK on their drafted set of proposals – for more information on these proposals please follow this LINK.

Advance Care Planning


Whenever looking for updates on the Advance Care Planning initiative check out their website – “Speak Up”. Health care providers, community organizations, and the general populace, can find some helpful conversation guidelines, communities of practice, blogs, toolkits, etc... a wealth of information at your fingertips. So SPEAK UP and support end of life care conversations in your community and your families!!

Other links that might be of interest around this topic:

CBC Radio One interview around the CMAJ article:

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Speak Up Just Ask Conversation Card for health care professionals:

Speak Up "How to Make your Plan" for you and your family:

iPANEL Newsletter Issue 4


We are pleased to publish our latest iPANEL Newsletter with articles around Advance Care Planning, and our Knowledge Translation Initiative led by Dr. Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Dr. Gweneth Doane, and Elisabeth Antifeau.  As always we have started the newsletter with our "in nurses words" column - a short vignette around how a palliative approach might look in your practice.  For more information or to download this issues please click HERE.  To view older issues of our Newsletters please check out our Publications Tab.

Spirituality in Hospice Pallitiave Care


This newly published companion volume to Religious Understandings of a Good Death in Hospice Palliative Care segues nicely into the murkier waters of exploring end-of-life spiritual needs of those who do not identify with traditional religions.  This book was edited by Paul Bramadat, Harold Coward, and iPANEL Co-Lead Kelli Stajduhar.  

As is the case with most learning, the more you delve into truly understanding and defining an idea or term (such as “spirituality” in this book) the more complicated and “unbound” that term seems to become.  In this collection of chapters the authors struggle with the challenge to define, operationalize, and measure “spirituality”.

Spirituality book 2013 smallerA thought-provoking read, whether you are a healthcare provider, patient, or family member.  The text provides the general public (i.e. potential patients) with some understanding as to the difficulty and complication involved in implementing systems within healthcare to address “spirituality” with patients.  At the same time this volume also presents healthcare providers with some suggestions and recommendations on how to provide this much needed aspect of care to their patients.   

While this text was not written for a general practitioner audience, it is certainly capable of enlightening all healthcare professionals, working in any setting, as to the sheer complexity and need to respond to their patients "spirituality", or spiritual distress, near the end-of-life.

For more information on this book please visit the Publishers' site - SUNY Press.

iPANEL Research Featured in latest UVic School of Nursing Communiqué


The latest issue of the University of Victoria School of Nursing Communiqué (Spring 2013) is entitled, "Pallative Care Nursing".  Thank you to the UVic School of Nursing for all the work that goes into publishing these communiqués and a heartfelt thanks to all the iPANEL team members who contributed.  Some of the featured articles include:

  • Nursing Care of the Dying - A Call for an "Upstream" Approach.  Kelli Stajduhar and Betty Davies
  • Preparing Nursing for a Palliative Approach:  Not Simply a Matter of More Knowledge.  Gweneth Doane
  • Integration of a Palliative Approach in Hospital, Residential, and Homecare Nursing:  Results of a Province-Wide Survey.  Rick Sawatzky and Della Roberts

To read these articles and more click on this LINK

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