Spirituality in Hospice Pallitiave Care


This newly published companion volume to Religious Understandings of a Good Death in Hospice Palliative Care segues nicely into the murkier waters of exploring end-of-life spiritual needs of those who do not identify with traditional religions.  This book was edited by Paul Bramadat, Harold Coward, and iPANEL Co-Lead Kelli Stajduhar.  

As is the case with most learning, the more you delve into truly understanding and defining an idea or term (such as “spirituality” in this book) the more complicated and “unbound” that term seems to become.  In this collection of chapters the authors struggle with the challenge to define, operationalize, and measure “spirituality”.

Spirituality book 2013 smallerA thought-provoking read, whether you are a healthcare provider, patient, or family member.  The text provides the general public (i.e. potential patients) with some understanding as to the difficulty and complication involved in implementing systems within healthcare to address “spirituality” with patients.  At the same time this volume also presents healthcare providers with some suggestions and recommendations on how to provide this much needed aspect of care to their patients.   

While this text was not written for a general practitioner audience, it is certainly capable of enlightening all healthcare professionals, working in any setting, as to the sheer complexity and need to respond to their patients "spirituality", or spiritual distress, near the end-of-life.

For more information on this book please visit the Publishers' site - SUNY Press.

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